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2024 Cheer Choice Awards Pool Interviews


One Tribe

MEMBERS ONLY | One Tribe | We are in a world crisis which means a great opportunity for transformation. The is our opportunity to transcend the illusion of separation, overcome division and step into our power as ONE TRIBE. We are calling forward celebrities, influencers, artists, and over a billion people to rise up as activists in this movement! Join the ONETRIBE movement and be the SOLUTION. When masses UNITE, MEDITATE and PRAY, expect MIRACLES. | One Tribe |

The Power of Positivity with Bruce. W. Brackett (S2 Ep 8)

Bruce W. Brackett, shares his journey from addiction to purpose | Joining today is social media personality Bruce W. Brackett, or as many know him, BWB Positivity. Bruce's journey, chronicled in his book "How To Breathe While Suffocating", resonates with millions, detailing his triumph over addiction and trauma. From battling addiction to finding purpose, Bruce's story offers hope to all facing challenges. In today's Joy Report, we head to Rhode Island for a heartwarming tale where students make dreams come true for a security guard. | Good Morning Joy |

2024 Astra Film Awards

PREMIUM | 2024 Astra Film Awards Live on KNEKT®tv from the historic Biltmore Hotel DTLA. | 2024 Astra Film Awards |

LA MAG District Attorney Debate on KNEKT®tv 2024

Los Angeles magazine takes center stage in L.A.'s political arena by hosting a pivotal debate featuring all candidates contending for the role of Los Angeles District Attorney, shaping a critical discourse for the city's future. | Los Angeles Magazine - District Attorney Debates 2024 |

Tom Bileau - Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. In this interview he talks AI and it’s current and future impact on the world. To learn more about Tom visit To learn more about The Enlightened Passenger, please visit To learn more about Corey's Bestselling Book, The Book of WHY (and HOW) at | The Enlightened Passenger |

Beautiful Disaster, Living with Adult ADHD (2022)

MEMBERS ONLY | *This is Scotts last film, we honor him there would be no KNEKT®tv without him. | An Arts Based Research Film by Scott Carpenter A phenomenological film about 8 ADHD Adults, who talk about growing up in a culture of stigma and misunderstanding. The making of the film was part of the research process and the result is a rich description of what living with adult ADHD can be like. Yes, it a real thing. | Beautiful Disaster |

Shifty Shellshock, Crazytown Last Interview at Rock to Recovery

MEMBERS ONLY | Rock to Recovery |

Michelle Barone R.E.D. - Tom Coverly

PREMIUM | Tom Coverly is a comedy magician, TV show host & motivational speaker. His nationally touring show has been seen by over 5 million people LIVE headling in theaters, comedy clubs, conferences, colleges, schools and festivals., He's been seen on TV (NBC, ABC News, FOX) as well as radio stations sharing his kindness wins message. Tom has entertained; Paula Abdul, the entire cast of Batman vs Superman Movie, Duck Dynasty, Mrs Universe 2023, Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty), Danny Goke (American Idol) just to name a few. Tom was featured in LA WEEKLY for Top 10 influencer in America & nominated for the most motivational person of the year at the Cheer Choice Awards in Las Vegas. | R.E.D. with Michelle Barone |

Rock to Recovery 6 Video on Demand Replay

MEMBERS ONLY | Founded on 12.12.12, Rock to Recovery has worked internationally, helping wounded warriors, and those struggling from addiction, mental health, at risk youth, behavioral disorders and so much more. Their innovative program has written nearly 30,000 songs helping an estimated +100k people. 'Our goal is to help proliferate the use of playing music as a healing forces in the world, and we are doing just that. | Rock to Recovery |

NOSOTROS x Soho House Session 2

A Glimpse into the Life of a Multi-Hyphenate with Gloria Calderón Kellett Join us at SOHO Warehouse Downtown for a captivating in-person fireside discussion featuring the extraordinary Gloria Calderón Kellett, an award-winning writer, producer, director, actress, and activist. | NOSOTROS TALKS x SOHO |

Lift Me Up Alan Kleynhans

Lift Me Up Alan Kleynhans | Lift Me Up show |

24 Aggie Lal - Biohacking Like a Woman

PREMIUM | Aggie Lal Founder of Biohacking Bestie Author of Biohack Like A Woman | Biohack Your Beauty 2024 |

Jay Shetty Speaks with Todd Herman

PREMIUM | Jay Shetty Speaks with Todd Herman world renounced coach and inspirational thought leader | Jay Shetty |

WE ARE ONE - Indigenous Concert for Peace

FROM HARM TO HARMONY 2ND CONCERT FOR PEACE Presented by KNEKT®tv in partnership with the United Nations Association and Rotary International | Concert For Peace |

The Maurice & Anna Show (S1, E9) Dating Today

PREMIUM | TV Legend & Mental Health Advocate Maurice Benard & Actress/Producer Anna Damergis discuss dating today and red flags! | THE MAURICE & ANNA SHOW |


Ukraine’s UN ambassador weights in on Putin, should he do the unthinkable. | Candid thoughts rarely spoken by International Diplomats, Ukraine’s UN Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya weights forth on a wide range of topics- including what awaits Vladimir Putin should he do the unthinkable... | GLOBAL IMPACT SHOW |

1.3 Kevin Lawson, and Kevin Eudy

PREMIUM | Get Influenced with Tom Coverly with an exclusive peek into the lives of Kevin Lawson, and Kevin Eudy. Find out how they came to be where they are now and how it all began. Between growing up in a less than adequate home to looking to God to lead you to success. | NFLNCD |

The 2024 Cheer Choice Awards Ceremony VOD


Endangered Rangers

MEMBERS ONLY | Joshua Duhamel takes us for a journey with stories from the courageous men and women on the front lines of anti-poaching. While most of the world has slowed down due to Covid-19, wildlife poaching has exponentially increased. These peacekeepers need our help more than ever. We recognize there are many worthy causes asking for your time and money, especially now. Yet the pandemic's ripple effect is so significantly under-publicized and so profoundly far-reaching in Africa such that it can disrupt entire ecosystems, is why we too are requesting your presence at this wonderfully inspiring, entertaining, and hopeful event. Helping the Rangers helps the animals. Helping the animals, saves the planet. | Endangered Rangers |

2024 - HCA ASTRA TV Awards


| 240 mins | Location TBD

Opinion Based Smoothies with Jessica Hall


Join Bill and Blonde beauty Jessica Hall, one of the most diverse TV personalities of today, with an array of talents that range from being an actress, model and television/radio host.

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