KNEKT - Believe. Connect. Change the World.®

KNEKT® Television is a division of, an award winning Los Angeles based production and live streaming company.

Established in 2015, KNEKT® TV’s mission is to provide its global viewers with unparalleled access to the most noteworthy charity, celebrity, sports, and cultural events in the world– all from the comfort of their home. Driven by a desire to make major events and socially impactful content more accessible to the masses. Award winning KNEKT® TV creates an immersive experience that makes it possible for everyone in the world to feel as though they are a part of content that matters to them via real time, HD live-Streaming / live-Broadcasting to our OTT Network.

Clients & partners range from top charting recording artists to Fortune 500 Companies and charities. KNEKT provides cutting edge HD live broadcasting services as well as non-broadcast recorded content, feature film and television production. Audiences on single projects range from small corporate stakeholders to millions of fans on a world wide stage.

KNEKT® partners with agencies, brands and event producers to create the next level of fully integrated branded entertainment content, on premise activations, and in-video stream advertising during our live and pre-recorded television events. 

KNEKT® holds a number of exclusive partnerships with venues & event producers because of our trust and established relationships with A-List clientele, and is the official distribution partner for the ASTRA Awards broadcasts, produced by the Hollywood Creative Alliance. 

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