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#CYBERBYTE - Hollywood Film Producer, Andrea Iervolino Says To Fight Against Cyb

Cyberbyte | Season 1

At 29 years old, Hollywood Italian Film Producer, Andrea Iervolino, has been recognized as one of the leading film producers across the world, as well as one of the "Best Italian Businessman of the world." Iervolino is on a strong upward roll, making sure that he combats anything that stands in his path. He and Monika Barcardi's company, AMBI Group, has acquired the rights to over 400 features, including features like Cruel Intentions, Donnie Darko, End of Watch, Ides of March, Momento, and many more. He has been recognized for his work around the world at festivals including, but not limited to the Magna Graecia Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and Capri Hollywood Film Festival. Unfortunately, Hollywood is currently facing a shroud of darkness when it comes to guarding one's reputation and monitoring social media activity. In light of this, I asked Iervolino to join my #CYBERBYTE challenge and speak out against these issues, particularly to those that plague the space such as cyberbullying and online trolling. Iervolino graciously accepted the challenge and now shares his story with his fans, followers, and to anyone who has found themselves similarly victimized by such negative behavior. When Andrea was growing up, he had serious issues with stuttering. Due to this challenge, many of the kids around him judged him, kept him out of games, and even spit on him and tease him –making him out to be the outcast and scapegoat of the group. See what he has to say!