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Good Morning LALA Land | Interview Segments

BRANDE KURVY | LUXE KURVES MAGAZINE | SELF LOVE GOODMORNINGLALALAND.COM @brandeekurvyj BRANDEE J - LUXE KURVES MAGAZINE Celebrity Media Correspondent Motivational Speaker Host of Luxe Kurves T.V. with Brandee J Talk Show EIC @luxekurves mag Why is it so hard to love yourself? That is the question that Brandee J has been trying to help women of all ages, shapes, and sizes solve for the past half-decade. Brandee believes that to love yourself you must first accept yourself, and then understand that life is a constant process of improvement and growth, although she knows from personal experience that many times that is easier said than done. She understands because she has been there. When Brandee was just a teenager she realized that her body type was different than a lot of other girls. Even though she wanted to be the "ideal" image she saw on television and in the magazines, a size 0, she realized that her body was just not programmed to ever be that size. One thing Brandee had realized that loving yourself comes from within. At the age of 21 Brandee was married and a mother. She was facing more issues with how her body had changed and at this moment things took a turn for the worse when her then husband began to physically and verbally abuse her. She endured this pain for the next two years. She lived in fear and was not able to be herself. Overcoming this hard time in her life was not easy especially with her father being in prison at the time. KURVY LIFESTYLE – WOMEN WHO EMBRACE THEIR SIZE AND FOCUS ON BEING THE HEALTHIEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES Once again, Brandee had to learn to rebuild herself. Over the years it took a lot of soul searching, help from friends, prayer and therapy to help rebuild her soul and character. During this journey she knew it was her calling to help women of all ages to build themselves again no matter what they had been through in life. In 2010 everything came to a head whe