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Welcome To Good Morning LaLa Land

Good Morning LALA Land | Full Episodes

Welcome To Good Morning LaLa Land - Available now on KNEKT Television! Good Morning LaLa Land is the first, live-streaming daily talk show in the world! Allowing viewers to consume, digest, and share their entertainment experience across multiple, distributed social media platforms simultaneously, Good Morning LaLa Land is leading-edge, digital media at its very best. Good Morning LaLa Land discusses current events, hot topics, and scintillating guest interviews through the positive, uplifting, and inspiring lens of 3 host perspectives. The first show of its kind on the planet, Good Morning LaLa Land is aimed squarely at the demand of a large, untapped market & audience, one who is in desperate want & vocal need of conscious infotainment - information that is not only highly entertaining but also deeply useful. Good Morning LaLa Land empowers people to make major shift happen in their financial, physical, relational and emotional lives... so they can live their best lives starting today... this morning! So, let go of your B.S. (belief systems), grab your coffee, and have some fun with us each morning M-F 9 am PST! Where shift happens! ???????? @jezlan @robmackofficial @focustvnetwork