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35.5 Allié McGuire

INNERVIEWS | The Breath Edition

A breath…to give, take, receive, hold or ‘catch a breath’ is a vital ingredient necessary to live. A breath is literally and metaphorically, CPR for living. Allié Merrick McGuire, Co-Founder of Awareness Ties, parent company of AwareNow Magazine is CPR for our world. I’ve had the blessing of knowing and serving philanthropically, boots on the ground in the global causes trenches with Allié for over a year. During this time, this woman and angel known as ‘Allié’ takes my breath away as I marvel at the incredible human being, woman, wife, mother, artist, friend, community producer and solution provider she is for her family and for this planet. When I think about ‘breathing’, I think of Allié…how much quality of life source she breathes into our world and how much she needs us to help her and AwareNow breathe and exist. I wondered, when does my friend Allié take a moment to catch her own breath, to refuel, rest and restore. Yes, Allié is an angel, yet she is also a human being who is dramatically impacted by her own invisible breathing challenges, disease challenges, and stress challenges.