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I’m Jessica Frew. I have Cerebral Palsy and communicate with a Tobii eye gaze computer due to my CP. I’m a model and actress. I faced all odds during my childhood because people treated me differently and thought I wouldn't know anything because I was nonverbal. People were unkind and said unkind things right in front of me, unaware that I could understand everything they were saying. For 17 years, they made me feel worthless. I didn't even have the confidence to communicate with the aid of my computer in public or even privately with my family. For 17 years, I only used my computer for school work. Until one night, I was lying down in my bed just thinking about why God didn't just take me at birth when I flatlined. I wondered why he decided to give me a second chance at life. Then I realized the reason why God decided to give me a second chance at life. It was for a very special purpose – to make a difference in the world for people with disabilities. It was to change people's views on disabled, nonverbal people and treat them with respect, not make them feel worthless by people as I did for 17 years. In this exclusive interview series, I will have conversations with professionals in the entertainment and fashion industries that I love. Through these interviews, I’ll serve my purpose and raise awareness. I’ll open opportunities for other nonverbal models and actors with communication devices and for all who haven’t been given the chance they deserve to be seen and heard.