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WITMA - Well Being in the Modern Age | LOS ANGELES

WELL-BEING IN THE MODERN AGE (WITMA) IS A LIVE POP-UP CONVERSATION SERIES FOCUSED ON PRACTICAL METHODS FOR LIVING A HEALTHY AND CONNECTED LIFE. 9:45-10:15 AM RITUAL SOUND Victoria Keen SPACE CLEANSING & BLESSINGS : Mary Grisey, Aja Daashuur Ashley Abbott, Mysha Gardner-White & Morgan DeMarks, 10:15-10:30am WELCOME WITMA FOUNDERS: ANNA LUNDGAARD & KARA ERICKSON 10:30-10:45am OPENING BREATHWORK MEDITATION DINA KAPLAN (The Path) 10:45am-11:45pm Panel #1 Mental Health, Psychoactive Drug & Cannabis Experimentation Moderator: Ben Decker // Panelists: Dr. Ron Alexander, Mathew Gerson, Jessica Assaf, Guru Jagat & Ora Nadrich - BREAK 11:45am-12:15pm - 12:00-12:15pm RETURN TO THE MOMENT Natalie Kuhn from (The Class by TT) 12:15am-1:15pm Panel #2 Conscious Self-Care, Global Responsibility, & Reconnection with Nature Moderator: Jennifer Sodini // Panelists: Sage Dammers, Chandanni Miglino, Shiva Rose, Rachel Sarnoff, & Brandie Gilliam 1:15-2:15pm LIVE TO HEADPHONES SILENT PIANO EXPERIENCE MINDTRAVEL Murray Hidary 2:15-3:15pm Panel #3 - Intuition in Business & Commitment to Transformation Moderator: Kara Erickson // Panelists: Maya Block, Lalah Delia, Sahara Rose, Scott Linde, & Heather Askinosie - BREAK 3:15-3:45pm - 4:00-4:15pm RETURN TO THE MOMENT Ethan Revivo 4:15-5:15pm Panel #4 - Modern Day Spiritual Enlightenment Moderator: Luke Storey // Panelists: Shaman Durek, Alyson Charles, Natalie Kuhn, Daniel Schmachtenberger, & Julie Piatt 5:30-5:45pm CLOSING MOMENT Millana Snow 5:45-6:00pm GRATITUDE WITMA FOUNDERS: ANNA LUNDGAARD & KARA ERICKSON