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Why are they Taking their own lives

On Purpose | Season 1

Australian Aboriginal youth are committing suicide at the highest rate in the world. Why? What's happening? How did Australia, a first world land known for Crocodile Dundee, the Great Barrier Reef and Ularu, kangaroos and exotic wildlife, and famous actors like Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Margot Robbie harbor such rage, sadness, and discontent that precious young people are ending their lives? BuzzFeed Reporter, Researcher and Journalist Amy McQuire, along with Community and Tribal Leader Ross Williams, give us insight into the struggle, which started with the violent removal of the people from their lands and continued with many other atrocities that have, over time, broken the heart of hope of families. We are losing precious youth around the world. Some groups are hit harder than others, but all youth suicide is a major loss for us all. Those kids are our kids. Learn more about how it occurs, so that we can bust this cycle.