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Smoking out Racism

On Purpose | Season 1

We are brought up in a society which emphasizes differences instead of similarities. That pattern of subconscious thinking leads to prejudice, as we tend to see our way as the best way, which separates us from others and isolates smaller groups. However, here's one way to shift the conversation between you and everyone else! Scott Gorringe, consultant and educator in Canberra, Australia, teaches a process of breaking stereotypes and modeling new leadership that he calls Engoori, after the peacemaking process of his Aboriginal Australian group, Mithica. More about his findings and work are available on his company's website, In both Canada and Australia, the First Nations people are often called by many "Aboriginal People." That is a general term that was applied by Europeans to the peoples of many, many nations. Please share this message and join the movement for change on Systems Busters!