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How to Fix the Environment? It starts with Plastic Bags

On Purpose | Season 1

We, the public, hold the keys to shifting the way that Mother Earth is cared for. We have the power to change the way that people take care of the environment! The responsibility lies with each individual! How can we do that? Isn't it up to the big companies, agribusiness, the transportation organizations? Everyone has a role for certain. However, the sooner that we realize that what happens on the outside is a reflection of what is happening within, then we can work with ourselves and reshape the energetic field that connects all of us! Plastic bags are the perfect example. Many don't know their harmful effects but can see that they are wasteful. Others do know, but still use them for ease. We don't want to inconvenience ourselves - but that is just the problem we are talking about! Cinematographer: Kaveh Sardari Editor: Gabe Stowers Music: Ashley Miers On Purpose is a video series created by and starring Michael Matucci.