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PREMIUM | Culture Your Creative | Season 1

An accomplished academic, world-class athlete, elite trainer, and restless explorer, Paul takes a different approach to life. He invites us to widen our perspective, uncover what lies untapped within us, and use it for positive transformation. He is an advocate for holistic health and believes that our wellbeing is affected by all aspects of life, including social, cultural, physical, mental and spiritual elements. Paul has spent time learning and studying with many indigenous cultures and looks to connect the dots between practices that have existed for thousands of years and modern health discoveries. In addition to his Masters degree in Exercise Science and Performance Enhancement Paul is pursuing his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Ethnopharmacology, and Psychedelic Studies. Over his 20 plus year career working in the wellness space, Paul has empowered people from all walks of life to take control of their health. Including Olympic athletes, A-list celebrities, lead actors from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Bladerunner, Black Panther and Sonic and many other Hollywood hits. His work has been featured in several publications internationally and he is regularly invited to speak at events around the world. Through AHŌ.Life and Paul shares his unconventional philosophies and approaches, teaching us all how to enhance our lives through lasting change.

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