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PREMIUM | Culture Your Creative | Season 1

Denim is the worst offender when it comes to unnecessary water waste in the fashion industry. It has become my mission to shine a light on the irresponsible way most denim is produced. I do this by educating on how we conserve our planet’s most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of our planet's most beloved material, denim. Triarchy is a low water, sustainably produced denim brand that I am responsible for designing and manufacturing. Everything we do has to fit our model of sustainable production, or we don't do it. Through these efforts our team has brought to market the worlds first plastic free stretch jeans which means they can biodegrade in 2 years or less as opposed to the industry standard 200 years for poly based plastic stretch. We also launched the first sustainable black denim. Using natural dyes and natural fixing agents. I speak on the topic of mindfulness in consumption as I believe that we are all individually responsible for turning the tide on this huge topic. If we all acted from mindfulness instead of reactive consumption we would stand a chance here. I also of course focus on water waste and the dangers of the fast fashion world we currently live in in an effort help move us all past this phase of greenwashing we find ourselves in and into a world where everyone is accountable for the work they put out.