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Welcome To Neil Cannon Health - Private Coaching To Heal Your Own Body

Neil Cannon Vitality Secret | Season 1

I help you eradicate, reverse and avoid all major health conditions and minor ailments by helping you get to the ROOT cause. "Your ability to heal your own body is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe" And I'm here to support your process of healing your own body. Before I started to help people free themselves of all kinds of ailments, I went on my own healing journey; from early childhood and for three decades, I had severe eczema on my arms, legs, neck and even on my back and face at times. It was painful, embarrassing, hit my confidence, and stopped me doing a lot of the things I wanted to do like swimming and various sports in school. It affected my life in many ways. The standard of care I received was steroid creams, antibiotics and harmful moisturisers. I was constantly prescribed steroid creams that never worked long-term, (as it would always return), and the steroids have left noticeable pigmentation on my skin. They also come with other horrific side effects. I'd be prescribed on antibiotics when it got really bad or infected, and it is now known that antibiotics cause a lot of harm to your gut and immune system (the focal point of healing skin conditions and just about every other common illness or chronic disease). These treatments I received only ever addressed the symptom - called eczema in my case. What they didn't ever address was the root cause. This is why it could come back again and again. What I later learnt was that all this suffering could have been avoided. I discovered a way to get rid of my eczema and found that the same principles could be applied to virtually any chronic disease, ailment or illness with extraordinary results. Since early 2015, I have helped people transform their lives, and heal their own bodies, from a variety of health challenges including: Eczema Psoriasis IBS & other digestive problems Excess weight (body fat) Pre-diabetes Type-2 diabetes Gout Arthritis Migraines Parkinson's Symptoms in one spectacular