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Reversing Prostate Cancer With Steve Soffer - The Vitality Secret Podcast

Neil Cannon Vitality Secret | Season 1

- Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally. This is a really interesting episode in which Steve shares how he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and how he reduced his PSA reading from 8 to 3 in 3 months by changing what he was eating. It's even more interesting given the fact his brother, a medical doctor, was also diagnosed, and he decided to have the risky surgery which can lead to erectile dysfunction and incontinence. This is highly valuable for men over 40, and women who know them, men soon to be 40 and anyone who knows them! We talk about a new definition of cancer and how not to fear it anymore… SHOW NOTES 2.00 - 'Things 'weren't working as they should have been 2.29 - Diagnosed with prostate cancer 2.45 – Options given to him: Chemo, radiotherapy and surgery 3.00 – Side effects of surgery are erectile dysfunction & incontinence 4.00 – he was told about a diet that can cure cancer 4.20 – A HORRIFIC article written by the Guardian Newspaper that stated categorically that there is no diet to cure cancer 5.02 – He and his girlfriend watched a movie about the Gerzon Therap and decided to give it ago 5.30 – How he switched his diet 6.30 – New reading after 3 months – 8 to 3. 7.10 - His body was transforming – how internal inflammation had affected his body 8.25 - Hip started to heal 9.00 – He now plays basketball again 9.20 – He's now operating as a 20 year old again in the bedroom! #Boom! 10.00 – How he treats himself now. He isn't strict on that diet anymore 11.00 – How a client of mine had been told categorically by her doctor that there is nothing that can be done for rheumatoid arthritis and to not listen to the nutrition nonsense! 11.50 – Difference between white and brown rice 12.40 – Other ways to measure inflammation other than a prostate exam 13.00 – we tend to wait too late to get tested. ALL THIS IS MEASURABLE NOW!!!! 13.50 – His brother's diagnos