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Healing Lyme Disease With Kristin Kilmer - The Vitality Secret

Neil Cannon Vitality Secret | Season 1

Full interview here: Download Chapters 1 & 2 of The Vitality Secret here: Kristin explains her remarkable journey of exploration into a number of different dietary approaches to heal her Lyme Disease which she was first diagnosed with in her teens. After a number of misdiagnoses, she realised that she finally discovered what she was battling with. This led her to a path of discovery and a true passion into the world of holistic health. SHOW NOTES 2.30 - What triggered Kristin's Lyme, a mystery for some time, early teens 3.00 – Symptoms; extreme fatigue, depression, joints, endocrine system, gained lots of weight for apparently no reason when very active 4.oo – Doctors advised anti-depressants. Very strong, almost hallucinogenic 5.00 - Got worse in her thirties. In bed for a weekend every month for 5 years 6.00 – Lots of wrong diagnoses 7.00 – Tipping point was hitting rock bottom late 2000. Stress was "the killer" 8.00 – Toxic mould was a thing 9.00 – We all carry the Lyme Bacteria. "Lyme Rage" 10.00 – Getting over the victim mentality 11.00 - The role of inflammation and diet in Lyme Disease 12.00 – Main food culprits to remove to heal Lyme, and dietary approach 13.00 – Discussing Europe Versus US versions of gluten 15.00 – Requirement for supplementation. Depletion of nutrients in soils. 16.00 – GMO / Hormones / Antibiotics – dangerous foods! "Genetic Roulette." 17.00 - Difference between fear mongering and needing to know stuff! 18.00 – Hybridized wheat in US. Safer places to eat wheat 19.00 - What's allowed and what is not, in different countries 20.00 – Not all Western medicine is bad – where it has its place. 21.00 – Why long-term use of medications for illnesses isn't a great idea 22.00 – The use of Infrared Saunas to sweat and detoxify SAUNA SPACE 23.00 – The requirement to detoxify through movement / sweating / breathin